Is The Zone Diet For You?

You’ve got a half hour for lunch and the only restaurant close enough to make is the McDonald's down the street. A crisis of conscience arises as you struggle to choose between blowing your diet with a super-sized value meal or Plan B: starvation.

You deserve a break today so we are serving up some great news: the Zone plan will let you have your McDonald's and eat it too!

You order a Chicken McGrill and a salad. You put the chicken on top of the salad and keep a quarter of the bun as a giant crouton. Voila! You’re in the Zone and following one of the hottest and most effective weight loss regimens around.

Forget about what you may think you know about the Zone and the work required to balance out your meals. There’s no need for scales or measuring cups. All you need is your hand and a good eye to coordinate permanent weight loss, hormonal balance, overall wellness and prevention of heart disease and diabetes.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dining in the comfort of your home or if you're out on the town -- you can stay in the Zone by following Dr. Barry Sears' super simple advice for slimming success.

Picture an empty plate. Now, divide it into thirds. One third will be covered with low-fat protein (enough chicken, lean ground beef or shrimp to fit in the palm of your hand without being thicker than your hand) and two-thirds fruit and vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, green beans, apples, strawberries, etc.). Round off your meal with a dash of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, such as olive oil, slivered almonds or guacamole.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Since first introduced by Dr. Sears in 1995, The Zone has been a huge success. Some of its biggest backers have been major celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Demi Moore. Dr. Sears, a former MIT researcher, says his diet is safe, effective and certainly no trendy, fly-by-night fad.

One of the major misconceptions held by dieters is that the Zone is too complicated. Dr. Sears says that reputation has haunted him since his book was first released to the general public. The problem: his first book was written for cardiologists. Dr. Sears, who holds more than 12 patents for cancer treatments and the dietary control of hormones, used scientific lingo and mathematical equations to discuss every last detail of the Zone.

The current version of the Zone has been tamed and is understandable to everyone. Dr. Sears' newer Zone books break down his diet formula much like his recommended foods break down insulin levels. From A Week In The Zone (HarperCollins) to The Top 100 Zone Foods, Dr. Sears is always taking strides to ensure his weight loss approach is user-friendly for all dieters.

The Zone tackles what Dr. Sears believes is the major cause of the spiraling obesity plague: excess insulin. In layman’s terms, the Zone is a dietary strategy to keep the hormone insulin in a zone that’s not too high and not too low. This is important, Dr. Sears says, because excess insulin makes you fat and keeps you fat.

Dr. Sears believes the underlying reason for our extra weight could very well be too many grains and starches in our diet. He says potatoes, rice, breads and breakfast cereals are all unfavorable carbohydrates that can elevate your insulin level. The trick of staying slim is how you treat your carb intake.

“You don’t have to avoid these carbohydrates completely,” Dr. Sears tells eDiets. “Treat them like condiments, not as a primary source of your meal. Eat significant amounts of fruits and vegetables at the same time. Balance off with an adequate amount of protein, and you have the guidelines for lifelong weight control. These are all the rules you need to control insulin."

Once you get your insulin level in the Zone, you won’t feel hunger for the next four to six hours after you eat. You won’t experience those in-between-meal hunger pains or carb cravings, because you won’t have the excess insulin levels that make you hungry. Dr. Sears says if your meals are hormonally correct, you’ll also enjoy peak mental acuity.

Dr. Sears says within the first two to three days of following the Zone, your ability to think clearer will be significantly enhanced. Within three to four days, you’ll notice a surge in energy. By day 7, you’ll notice your clothes beginning to fit better, because you’re shedding visceral fat, the dangerous fat that sits around the belly. By following the Zone, you’re going to think better, perform better, look better and feel better.

The best news of all: Dr. Sears’ amazing plan just got better. You can now get a personalized Zone diet from the leader in online weight loss programs,

“Even though the rules to the Zone are very simple, an online dietary program helps generate new meals and tells you exactly what to buy," he says. "This will always be a great aspect. People only have to eat the foods they like to eat.

"That’s the power of eDiets. People are given an unlimited number of meals and options so they don’t have to think any harder as to what they eat.

“Another aspect is that any lifestyle change usually takes a year to integrate into the rest of your life. The support groups are so important. It takes time. Losing weight is hard. Keeping it off is even more difficult. You have to find support people who have gone through the same trials and tribulations to give you the constant support basis.

"eDiets gives tremendous benefits even with a simple program like the Zone. It keeps people focused and motivated towards their long-term goal, which is a longer and better life.”

To get your copy of Dr. Sears' book, A Week In The Zone, click here.


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