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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

What is The Zone Diet?

What is The Zone Diet? The centerpiece of the Zone Perfect Nutrition Programme is the Zone Diet itself. The principle premise of the Zone Diet is a simple one: Your genes have changed very little during the past 100,000 years.

Your body is a biochemical machine. Like any machine, it needs the right fuel to operate properly. Over hundreds of thousands of years, Mother Nature has designed your digestive system to operate correctly when eating just two food groups: (1) lean protein and (2) natural carbohydrates like fruits and fiber-rich vegetables.

What about grains? Well, 8,000 years ago, there were no grains, bread or pasta. Agriculture is a very recent (by evolutionary standards) invention.

Evolution works very slowly. As far as our genes are concerned, we're still a bunch of hunter/gatherers foraging for food. The problem, of course, is that our genes may be programmemed that way, but that's not the way we actually live. We regularly eat large quantities of dense, highly processed carbohydrates such as grains and grain based products such as pasta.

Because we haven't evolved to a stage where we can eat excessive amounts of these high density carbohydrates without adverse biochemical consequences, our bodies aren't able to operate properly. We gain excess weight, suffer from diabetes, heart disease and a host of other ills, feel sluggish, and generally perform at a sub-par level.

The Zone Diet is designed to feed our actual genetic makeup - to give us the fuel we need, when we need it.



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