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Monday, August 02, 2004

Zone Diet Success Story: What a Difference 21 Pounds Makes!

Here's a great success story from someone who used the Zone Diet to lose weight, feel better, increase their energy, and dramatically improve their life...

(eDiets: Zone Diet Plan) - It wasn't that long ago curvy Kerry P. yearned for the days she could slip into her itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini and confidently stroll down a sandy South Florida beach.

Although naturally thin most of her life, the bubbly beach bunny saw her body shape change for the worst due to fast food lunches, late night pizza runs and a lack of exercise.

The uhealthy habits came with a hefty price tag. Kerry's belly bulged and her clothes tightened. She was miserable at 130 pounds. Yes, 130 pounds doesn't sound all that bad. But on Kerry’s petite 5'1" frame, the extra weight was enough to make her uncomfortable... especially since she works in the weight loss industry. She was well aware that she wasn’t practicing what she preached.

"I saw someone I used to work with and they asked if I just had a baby," she recalls. "Another acquaintance of mine hit me in the stomach and asked what was going on. Then I couldn’t find any clothes to wear one day last December."

It was enough to add insult to injury. As manager of human resources for, dieting was constantly on her mind. Just like the millions of people who turn to the online weight loss program for help, the 31-year-old professional had her own pounds-shedding plight.

It wasn’t just the guilt of working for eDiets -- Kerry also had a background in exercise physiology.

It was simply a matter of putting the right resources to work for her.

In Kerry’s case, she had everything she needed right in front of her eyes. With 19 personalized diets to choose from at eDiets, she wasn’t short on options. Kerry needed a plan that would cater to her busy lifestyle and that plan proved to be the Zone Diet. In just five months, she made the amazing transformation from flab to fab. Today, she’s maintaining her 21-pound loss at 109 pounds.

Before she got started, she consulted with eDiets chief fitness pro, Raphael Calzadilla. After looking at her likes and dislikes, they came up with a plan best suited for her.

"Raphael told me I needed to eat more frequently throughout the day," she says. "I wanted something that was balanced and simple at the same time. I wanted to eat more healthy foods."

The next step was putting her lifestyle under renovation. There were plenty of things that had to change. For starters, preparation was crucial. She could no longer fly by the seat of her pants. Instead, she used the eDiets Zone Diet menus to plan ahead. For the most part, Kerry preferred her plan to be pretty much uniform. She admits not overloading her food with salt and butter was a change she had to get used to.

She says: "For breakfast I would have egg beaters and a little bit of fruit. Sometimes I would have a protein shake with fruit. Lunch would usually be a salad with chicken or turkey breast with small amounts of fat-free dressing. I would also have water and some fruit. Around 4 p.m., I’d have a Zone bar or some fruit with a couple pieces of cheese. For dinner, I’d usually have the same type of thing as lunch. Or I’d have a steak with grilled onions and peppers."

A major move for Kerry was cutting back on Diet Cokes. She limited herself to two a day. The rest of the time she drank water. After a couple weeks, she noticed a dramatic change in her energy level, which gave her the push she needed to get moving. She again consulted with Raphael, this time on the workout that would be best for her.

No stranger to fitness, Kerry joined a new gym when she started her weight loss endeavors, toward the end of January. She started going to the gym a minimum of three times a week, where she would do 30 minutes of cardio. She quickly moved up to 45 minutes. Kerry also incorporated strength training into her workout. Two months into her program, she also started running on a regular basis.

Initially, Kerry noticed that since she hadn’t been exercising on a regular basis, her endurance and strength had decreased. As she began working out, it wasn’t long before she was back at the top of her game. In addition to her regular workout schedule, she also started experimenting with other activities like martial arts classes and beach volleyball.

"I feel a lot more confident and a lot happier, I can focus on other things. I realize that I really like doing physical activities and playing sports. I’m doing a lot of fun things today that I wouldn’t have had fun with six months ago. I have a lot of new interests."

Seeing the fruits of her labor kept Kerry moving full speed ahead. However that wasn’t her only motivation. Having Raphael as her "coach" also kept her motivated. Even though she didn’t see him on a regular basis, they communicated via email whenever she had questions or needed a dose of encouragement.

"Raphael was very knowledgeable and I didn’t want to let him down," Kerry says. "It was nice having someone to be accountable to. It was definitely nice to have someone to call and say 'hey, I can't do this anymore' and have them to tell you 'yes you can.'"

These days she’s still on the Zone Diet but her focus is more on maintaining. She continues to follow a balanced meal plan and stay active. Both physically and mentally she has never felt better.

"I feel like I can hang out in my bikini all day long and not feel embarrassed."

Are you ready to get into the Zone? With eDiets and the Zone, you will have all the the tools you need to succeed, including 24/7 support! Click here to check it out!


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