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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Zone Tips for Vegetarians

From Zone Diet Advantage:
Is it possible to be vegetarian and remain satisfied and nourished in the Zone? "Very easily!" responds Dr. Sears. "You just have to make sure that you have adequate levels of vegetable protein at each meal. This can be either tofu or soybean imitation-meat products," he advises.

The problem with traditional vegetarian diets: "They're hormonally unbalanced because they contain huge amounts of carbohydrates and little else. Eating a diet based almost solely on carbohydrates causes insulin levels to soar, which causes blood sugar levels to drop quickly," Dr. Sears cautions. As a result, many vegetarians find themselves feeling sluggish, always searching for more food, and, sometimes, gaining weight.

You can find a wide range of balanced but meat-free recipes via the Zone Diet's online Meal Plan and Recipe Search. "When planning your meals and snacks, remember that you should use the same methods—hand-eye, blocks—that meat eaters use to create their meals," says Dr. Sears. And, finally, "make sure you get the right supplements, including the B-complex vitamins—I recommend 50 micrograms of vitamin B-12 a day for vegetarians—and iron (as well as other minerals), plus DHA from algae."

Here, a sample day's menu in the vegetarian Zone:

Breakfast: Asparagus Frittata
Lunch: Greek Salad with Garlic-Oregano Dressing
Snack: Berry Smoothie (with protein powder)
Dinner: Tempeh Paprikas
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