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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

"Zone" With Adventure Girl®, Stefanie Michaels, As She Joins Zone GOURMET And Promotes Eating Healthy

Adventure Girl®, Stefanie Michaels joins Zone Gourmet, to promote eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.

Michaels, known for her adventurous lifestyle, admits to a 20-pound weight gain, after a debilitating injury to her arm. A fall in 2002, landed Michaels in the hospital with a broken arm, followed by a year of therapy, and finally a surgery to release, and repair an entrapped nerve in the arm.

"The time it took for me to heal, and the lack of exercise left me inactive and depressed. Everything had to be put on hold, and I found myself eating horribly out of frustration,” Michaels explains. "This was a whole new experience for me. I am used to living this adventurous lifestyle, yet, had to remain immobile to heal. It was torture!"

Michaels found that shedding the pounds was not an easy task. A self proclaimed "carb junkie" and "chocoholic", Michaels became used to her newly found eating habits. "I always ate healthy, and being a vegetarian, I was aware of getting my balance of grains, fruits, veggies, and proteins," says Michaels. "I got used to snacking, watching Dr. Phil, and waiting to get word from my doctors to green light activities. Twenty pounds later, and a whole lot of life knowledge from Dr. Phil, I was given the ok to lightly exercise. I remember getting on the scale, flipping out, and thinking how the heck was I going to get this weight off!"

Michaels hired a trainer three times a week, and immediately contacted Zone "I knew I couldn't go it alone, and can't cook for anything," insists Michaels. "Zone Gourmet was my only choice. What I like about Zone Gourmet is the convenience, and the fact that it's not a diet. It's a healthy choice of eating right."

The website, boasts a Zone Gourmet logo. Michaels hopes that fans will click through to the website, learn more about the program, and join Michaels in spreading her message of eating balanced, and living a healthy lifestyle.

More about Stefanie Michaels:
Stefanie Michaels, is the host and creator of Adventure Girl®, an online web show and travel site. has offered up tips and travel information to more than 150 million fans around the globe, and continues to be a leading force in the world of "TraveltainmentTM".

More about Zone Gourmet:
Zone Gourmet is the remarkably effective fresh food delivery program based on the highly acclaimed Zone Diet. Delicious Zone Gourmet meals are prepared to according to the 40/30/30 carbohydrate/protein/fat ratio philosophy of the Zone Diet. Offering two programs. Daily and Weekly delivery, guarantee plenty of variety. Daily customers receive three freshly prepared meals and two snacks to their doorsteps by 6AM each morning. Weekly clientele receive a full weeks worth of freshly prepared without preservatives, not frozen, Zone Gourmet meals once a week.

Delivered Zone Diet meals gaining popularity

As a party planner for the stars, Jodi Thomas' schedule leaves little time for eating right.

Fed up with getting by on coffee and candy bars while coordinating events for hundreds of people, Thomas signed up with the Zone Diet At Home food delivery service. For her, weight loss was an afterthought.

"I'm eating right, the food is good, and the bonus is I lose weight along the way," said the 30-year-old Santa Monica resident who lost five pounds in a month.

Peggy White, 58, a software engineer from Redmond, Washington, is busy, too. But she joined a meal delivery plan because she desperately needed to slim down.

She wouldn't disclose her weight before signing up with Zone Seattle but said she lost 96 pounds during the next year. She said it was well worth the $40 a day she paid Zone Seattle, an independent firm based in Seattle that delivers to about 160 people in Seattle and Portland.

Neither woman missed cooking. Thomas said her stove is mere decoration. White was glad to stay out of the kitchen.

"One, when you're in the kitchen you want to eat things and cheat," White said. "Two, it's having to spend time in there to figure out what to eat and whether it's OK."


What is The Zone Diet?

What is The Zone Diet? The centerpiece of the Zone Perfect Nutrition Programme is the Zone Diet itself. The principle premise of the Zone Diet is a simple one: Your genes have changed very little during the past 100,000 years.

Your body is a biochemical machine. Like any machine, it needs the right fuel to operate properly. Over hundreds of thousands of years, Mother Nature has designed your digestive system to operate correctly when eating just two food groups: (1) lean protein and (2) natural carbohydrates like fruits and fiber-rich vegetables.

What about grains? Well, 8,000 years ago, there were no grains, bread or pasta. Agriculture is a very recent (by evolutionary standards) invention.

Evolution works very slowly. As far as our genes are concerned, we're still a bunch of hunter/gatherers foraging for food. The problem, of course, is that our genes may be programmemed that way, but that's not the way we actually live. We regularly eat large quantities of dense, highly processed carbohydrates such as grains and grain based products such as pasta.

Because we haven't evolved to a stage where we can eat excessive amounts of these high density carbohydrates without adverse biochemical consequences, our bodies aren't able to operate properly. We gain excess weight, suffer from diabetes, heart disease and a host of other ills, feel sluggish, and generally perform at a sub-par level.

The Zone Diet is designed to feed our actual genetic makeup - to give us the fuel we need, when we need it.